CTBC MA program makes your life amazing.

Together with us, you will interact with elites to create innovative service network;
Together with us, you will collaborate with experts on global presence.
Over the past fifty years, CTBC Holding has never satisfied with the status quo, and persisted in exercising the power of teamwork to pursue breakthroughs and innovations. Despite such intense environment challenges, we are continuing to strengthen our home base, expand regionally, and extend into other business by combining systems and resources across subsidiaries and maintaining our leadership position by offering diversified, innovative, and enriched products and services.

Come and envision your future in CTBC!


Career Prospect

Passing the first year of training, you will be promoted as an assistant manager. When completing the second year of training and meeting the required standard, you will be upgraded to manager. The promotion will make you quickly rank among the junior supervisors, bringing you steadily upward movement in career ladder in terms of talent succession.

Comprehensive Training

We provide solid and systematic training on professional, general education, functional skills subjects. The training not only enables you to develop key planning, analysis, and resilience capabilities, but also keeps your professional abilities abreast of modern developments.

Development Process

During the two-year training period, a series of job rotations will be scheduled for you among the front, middle and back-end offices. This will broaden your breadth of financial knowledge. In addition, your thinking patterns will be boosted strategically through the training and experiencing at strategic planning units, participating in the Company’s major projects, and senior executives’ mentoring.

Overseas Exposure

For different business needs, we offer a series of international financial practice courses or overseas training opportunities. These will broaden your internationally macro perspective, strengthen global operations thinking skills, and build up your cross-border mobile capabilities.

Are you the one we are looking for?

● Proactive, and willing to be part of a team.
● High self-expectation. Determination to challenge missions impossible.
● Fluent in Chinese and English, other languages such as Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese would be a plus.
● Bachelor degree or above in any majors will be welcomed.



Business Development MA Financial Management MA Digital Finance MA


Institutional Banking MA Retail Banking MA Risk Management MA Treasury Associate (TA)

Taiwan Life

Investment MA Operation Planning MA InsurTech MA

Experience Sharing

How to apply

How to apply

1. Please download the “2018 CTBC MA Program Application Form”
2. Please email the following information to ba.ma@ctbcbank.com with the subject "2018MA + Name"

2018 CTBC MA Program Application Form
(Please note that this resume is arranged in a form format, and please directly fill in your information and submit the form in the original Word format. Do not change the format or save your file in PDF format.)

Your highest diploma and academic transcript

Certificate of Proficiency Test received within the past two years, in English proficiency (TOEFL、TOEIC、IELTS、GEPT) or in Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT "Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese Proficiency") , or other supporting documents.

For Overseas Applicants!

Taiwan (held in April and May) due to school attendance or work-related issues, you may choose one session arranged in the United States or Japan, and mark on your resume the message " 2018 MA + Name + Overseas Session Venue (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo; Select One) ."We will arrange subsequent procedure appropriately as the case may be.

Deadline for overseas resumes submission: on or before February 28, 2018 (Wed)

Date of overseas session: in late March (if you pass the resume screening, we will inform you of the schedule via email or phone.)

Venues: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo (please select one)

Selection Process and Schedule

Selection Process


1. Submit your resume

Overseas sessions: on or before 28th February (Wed.)
Domestic sessions: on or before 31st March (Sat.)


Resume Screening

March ~ April


Online ability Assessment

March ~ April


Chinese and English Interview



Group Exercise



Presentation Interview



Staffing Process



On Board

July 2nd , 2018

More information

Date Time Location
3/03 (Sat.) 09:30 ~ 16:30 National Taiwan University On-Campus Career Fair
3/06 (Tue.) 18:10 ~ 19:00 National Central University
Room 103, Building R3, Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University
3/07 (Wed.) 16:50 ~ 17:40 National Tsing Hua University
Hall of Fame, National Tsing Hua University
3/08 (Thu.) 12:20 ~ 13:50 National Sun Yat-sen University
Room 1037,Management College, National Sun Yat-sen University
3/10 (Sat.) 14:00 ~ 14:50 National Cheng Kung University
2nd Lecture Room, International Conference Room, National Cheng Kung University
3/12 (Mon.) 12:10 ~ 13:10 National Taiwan University
GIS NTU Convention Center
3/14 (Wed.) 12:10 ~ 13:00 National Chengchi University
Yushan Iternational Conference Room (tentative venue) , College of Commerce, National Chengchi University
3/17 (Sat.) 12:30 ~ 16:30 CTBC Recruitment Orientation SessionSign up
3/23 (Fri.) 10:00 ~ 16:00 National Chengchi University On-Campus Career Fair

On March 17 (Sat),"2018 CTBC MA Program Information Session" will be held at CTBC headquarter (Building B, CTBC Financial Park, Nangang District, Taipei City). Senior managers and experienced MAs will attend the session. They will respectively undertake the orientation presentation and participate in group discussions. This year’s graduates and interested office workers are cordially invited. If you are going to take part in the session, please reserve a seat in advance. Click here to sign up ! Detailed event information will be delivered to you after signing up.



I would like to apply for 2018 CTBC MA Program. How can I get more information regarding the 2018 CTBC MA Program?

We will conduct a number of on-campus recruitment orientation sessions. Additionally, we will also meet interested students at On-Campus Career Fairs held at National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University. Besides, we will hold a information session on March 17(Fri) (limited seats, please sign up early ) which senior managers of all business units are invited to attend the meetings and face-to-face group discussions with attendees. For consulting details of the venue, schedule and registration method, please click on the “Selection Process and Schedule.”


How can I find the information about MA program if I cannot attend any one of the sessions listed above?

If you are unable to attend the session, please follow our Facebook fan page of CTBC Campus Partnership where you can get the latest information. We will also go live on CTBC Information Session on March 17(Fri). Please stay tuned then.


I’m going to graduate this year and I have not yet received my diploma, or I am still in military service. Am I qualified to apply for the position?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for it. Please indicate the reason for the aforesaid matters on your resume, and submit your diploma as soon as you have received it.


I am not a student majoring in business management or finance. Am I qualified to apply for the position?

Yes. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for CTBC MA Program in view of the flourishing development of financial technology and application of big data. After joining us, you will be scheduled a series of comprehensive training, including financial professional and practical application courses so that you can quickly become a top-notch financial professional.


I am an expatriate or overseas student studying in Taiwan or in a foreign country. May I apply for the position?

Yes. The program is open to all nationalities. We welcome all applicants who have an international perspective and good command in both Chinese and English, or who are familiar with Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.


Is there a standard resume specific for the program? Which language do I have to write my resume in? Chinese or English?

Please adopt the official resume. The standard form file can be downloaded by click the How to Apply and the resume format is presented in both Chinese and English. Therefore, you can prepare your resume in Chinese or English according to your preference.


What should I do if I do not have any Certificate of Proficiency in English received in the past two years (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CET)?

Without all of the English proficiency tests results listed above, you can provide any English proficiency test scores, or other information and statement indicates how proficient are you in English. We will accordingly adopt different approaches to assess your English communication skills during the recruitment and selection process.


When will I receive notice after submitting my resume?

For overseas sessions, we will review the applications registered on a first come first served basis. Please pay attention to your e-mail and on your phone calls. For Taiwanese sessions, we will review their applications as soon as possible after receiving their resumes and enclosed documents. Subsequent arrangements for them will be delivered via e-mail or telephone.


What is the content of the online ability test?

Online ability test content includes test questions split into two sections: numerical logic and verbal logic. The test is not for financial professional knowledge measurement.


What qualifications do I need to attend an overseas recruitment orientation session? How can I register for one if I would like to participate in it?

If you are unable to attend any sessions held in Taiwan (in April and May) due to school attendance or work-related factors, you may choose one session arranged in the United States or Japan, and mark on your resume the message " 2018 MA + Name + Overseas Session Venue (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo; Select One) ."We will arrange subsequent procedure appropriately as the case may be.


Would you please indicate when will be the date of reporting for duty scheduled for CTBC Holding Management Associate Program 2018? If I am still abroad or in military service, how will the Company arrange for me?

The date of reporting for duty is scheduled on July 2 (Mon) for CTBC Holding Management Associate Program 2018.Taining for MAs will commence officially on that day. If you are unable to report on the specified date, please indicate in detail the reason and the earliest available date on which you can report for duty in your resume. After you pass the resume screen, we will take the initiative to contact you for subsequent arrangements.
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